Flexible microplate reader with simplified workflow

The new VANTAstarTM is the latest addition to our family. This compact multi-mode microplate reader was conceived for ease-of-use and flexibility and ensures effortless detection setup for a simplified data generation. Equipped with our patented dual LVF Monochromators™ system, filters, UV/vis spectrometer, and Enhanced Dynamic Range technology, it can cover a wide range of applications in basic research and life science. 


The VANTAstar is an upgradable multi-mode microplate reader compatible with all plate formats up to 384 wells. The Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) technology, a fast full-plate auto-focus and luminescence cross-talk reduction make assay detection easier than ever and manual optimisation superfluous. 

With its Atmospheric Control Unit for gas control, temperature incubation, multiple shaking options, well scan and reagent injectors with heater and stirrer, the VANTAstar supports all live cell-based assays.

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