Magnum® Pipette

In pipetting, accurate results do not depend on the pipette or the tip alone. Instead, your results depend on the right combination of both. Pipette is one of the most commonly used tools in the lab. Therefore it is necessary to make a careful evaluation the pipette features and choose the right tool for you.


  • DLight Weight
    Magnum® pipettes are lightweight with a small handle and conveniently-placed finger hook. Made of high-density, chemical-resistant polymer, they wont crack or break even if dropped.
  • More Consistent Sample Pickup
    Magnum® advanced magnetic system greatly improves pipetting accuracy and reproducibility in the Magnum™ pipettes. The plunger glides smoothly at every setting, ensuring precise aspiration every time.
  • No Heavy Springs
    The low spring forces and low drag seals in the Magnum® models reduce the force required to push the plunger.
  • Comfortable Finger Hook
    Comfortable, Ergonomic Handle; Small, Lightweight, Rugged Body. The conveniently-placed finger hook allows the user to rest his hand and grip the pipette more lightly during use. The pipettes can be held in a variety of positions to further reduce repetitive strain.
  • One-Handed Volume Adjustment
    Simply turning the plunger allows the user to adjust volume using only one hand. The snag-proof design allows rapid adjustment even with gloves on. Easy-to-read dials show volume in micro liters, greatly reducing the chance of error.
  • Volume Lock
    A slight turn of the volume setting lock prevents accidental volume changes.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Quick-Release Tip Ejector. Easy Maintenance.

Magnum® Universal Pipette Stand

A unique pipette holder that can hold virtually every known brand of pipette.

Will hold up to:

  • 6 single channel pipettes
  • 3 multi-channel pipettes, or a combination of both

Ideal for labs with multiple pipette brands in use

This modern design enables this stand to securely hold every known brand of pipettes

Weighted base and rotatable stand head allows for easy removal or replacement of pipettes.

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